December 31, 2010

Continued Amazement!

Before we left home for our holiday visits, we "whipped up" a couple boxes of pieces to send to my sister   in Wichita, KS.  Julie and her husband Chris have helped us by spreading the word and continuing to help us raise money for Drawn From Water!  It has been a very successful operation, and we hope to provide them with more! 

 The above Standing Africa is a natural iron finish, and very rustic feeling.  ($30 plus shipping)
 Pat experimented with his grinding patterns and has made some very beautiful heated finished crosses!  Ranging in colors from the "gold" to purple to blue, this patterning tends to reveal layers of color. ($25 plus shipping)

This Africa is what we call the Medium Africa.  It has a way to hang it on the back. This one has a stainless steel dot over Addis Ababa!  ($50 plus shipping)

Most of the above pieces have been sold; however, we are heading back to our shop on January 7th!  Once we are back home, we can begin to make more.  In the meantime, please continue to place any orders. 

We are also working to make the ordering process easier and will be setting up a PayPal service soon.  For now, we are continuing to accept checks.  

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!  You have helped us send over $2,000.00 to help orphans!  We can't wait to see what God will have us do in 2011!

December 10, 2010

And the Winner is.....Part 2!

Due to our last winner being inaccessible, we have a new winner!

Brianne, I will contact you to let you know and we'll figure out how to get it shipped soon! 
And...They just got their referral today!  I got a bit teary when Pat pulled out the name!  Congratulations, Kopp family! 

If Karen will contact us, we will give a consolation prize of a heat finished cross.  We apologize for the difficulty!

December 05, 2010

And the Winner is.....

O.K., Karen!  You have won!  Please let me know how to send this gift to you by emailing me at pmteak(at)gmail(dot)com.  

Notice our super official tupperware bowl used for the official drawing, done by hand!  We are up on technology, people!

Thank you all for participating and helping us spread the word, so we could benefit others.  There were lot's of entries!  We will continue to take orders (year-round), and hope you will continue to help us help the fatherless.

December 02, 2010

Standing Africa

Yes!  We have new pieces!  These are gorgeous small Africa's on a stand; perfect for a mantle, shelf, or desk.  They are approximately 6" tall and 5" wide.  Even with the stand they should ship individually for $5 in the flat rate boxes.  

 This Standing Africa has a stainless steel dot over Ethiopia.  This can be done on any location!
 There are different colors of finishes as well as patterns, as you can see here!  
A bit of perspective here!
These Standing Africa's are $30.
We hope to have a shipment to Wichita, KS soon, so if you live nearby you can avoid the shipping!

November 29, 2010

Craft Show Success!

 Here I am, trying to sit prettily while our display was in full force!  We sold the small Africa's almost instantly, so we were disappointed we didn't make more!  We learned that there were many people in our area who had special connections to this beautiful continent!
 Our display had many varieties of crosses that we hadn't put up on the blog.  Some we may not duplicate, but others we have had good responses, so we'll try to add more options!
 We had a rust-textured finished that turned out really great and we did a few more silver.  We tried different patterns on the heated finish, but the blue/purple finishes were the most favored.
Pat also worked on a different pattern for the small Africa's.  I think they turned out gorgeous!  Because we didn't add a heart, Pat discounted them a bit for the show!  I think he could've left the price alone, but it's really about raising money for others!

Speaking of...we raised over $1,500 at the show!  We are excited about sending all of it to Drawn From Water!  Thank you all who have helped us accomplish this fun gift, and please feel free to continue to order!  We'll hold off sending the funds until we leave for our Christmas vacation!  We'd love to add to that gift and you can still purchase a purposeful gift this Christmas.

October 26, 2010


You could win this!  All you have to do is link to this post from your facebook page or blog, or become a follower, and get the word out that we are taking orders for Christmas.  Remember that all proceeds will go to help others this Christmas who have no mom or dad to care for them, much less give them a gift.  Make your purchases count.

 This 12"x7" layered cross will be the only one made, specifically for this event!  It is a beautiful blued steel background (blue/purple color comes from a careful heat treatment) with a brushed bright steel front. Help us help the fatherless this Christmas.

Don't forget to tell us that you linked up by email, commenting, or facebook!
Oh, and the winner of this unique cross will have this shipped anywhere in the U.S. in time for Christmas giving!  If you happen to live outside of the U.S., we will try our best!  We will announce the winner on December 5th.

October 24, 2010

New Crosses Preparing for Show!

We are gearing up for the Kenai Arts and Crafts Fair on November 26th and 27th.  It's the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood, please drop by and see us!  We will be in the gym.  Your purchase will help provide basic needs for children all over the world.

 Heat finished three-dimensional cross.
 Heat finished three-dimensional cross.
 Another view of the 3-D Cross.

Heat finished Cross

Again, these all fit in the $5 flat rate envelope or get multiple crosses and use the medium $10 flat rate box!    

July 14, 2010

More Crosses!

In a blast of creativity and time, Pat and I made up some new designs for the small $15.00 crosses ($5 shipping).  The above cross is the Border Cross, and below is the Nugget Cross.

The above cross is an Inside Border Cross, and below is Pat's favorite, the 3-D Cross!  All crosses have a hanger on the back.  

Reminder:  All pieces are handmade and unique.  Color and features may vary slightly.

Countries and Continents

Based on the name of our venture, the continent of Africa weighs heavy on our hearts.  We have "small" Africa's with a raised heart in any country desired for $65.00 as well as "large" Africa's with the option of the raised heart or a cut-out heart over the country of choice for $100.00.  The small Africa fits into a flat rate box for a minimal shipping cost of $11.  The large size has yet to be mailed and the shipping is unknown at this time.
The size difference is below.
We've also done a silhouette of North America with a raised heart over the state of choice.
These both are the $65.00 size that fit into the $11 flat rate box.

Africa is not the only place we hold dear.  China will also be special to us and we have done a "small" $65.00 size of China with a raised heart.  This also fits in a $11 flat rate box, and the heart can be placed where desired.

Reminder:  All pieces are handmade and unique.  Color and features will vary in each piece.

July 10, 2010

First Crosses

These are the first set of crosses that we made last fall.  As each cross is individually made, they all differ from one another, but you have the idea!

Textured Cross: 5"x8" 
$15.00 plus shipping (flat rate $5)

Heat Finished Cross: 5"x8"
$25.00 plus shipping (flat rate $5)

We like to keep sizes consistent with flat rate box/envelope sizes.  We'd like more of your money to go to the children than to the postal service!