December 01, 2011

Thank You!

We had our craft fair just after Thanksgiving and would like to thank everyone who helped out by purchasing the Alaska to Africa Project products!  The crosses and Africa's did well!  (The fish and bears were part of Pat's personal artwork!)  We didn't bring in as much as last year, but we are thankful to have what we were able to send as well as the opportunity to share about Bring Love In.  We continue to have new ideas and hope to continue this outreach with new and more pieces!

Have a very meaningful Advent season!

November 14, 2011

BringLove.In and Alaska to Africa Project!

 We are so honored to be asked to help with Bring Love In!  This is an organization that has come out of difficult circumstances to a new mission that brings widows and orphans together to form new "families."  We love the application of James in this mission and we have been personal supporters for a while.  They have asked if we would be willing to provide items for their store!  Of course we said, "Yes!"  You can soon go to their website and find 2 different types of Africa's for sale to benefit this awesome mission.  (If it's not there, keep looking!)
 Here are a few samples of what will be offered!  They are both "small" Africa's; about 7" tall.  One is made to hang, and the other has a stand.  Check them out on BringLove.In's store and help us help them help orphans and widows!!

October 19, 2011


I know we haven't had a lot of new "news" in a while (though we have been selling some work for orphans!!).

We are getting ready to launch a new project that is incredibly exciting, and we are humbled to have been asked to participate!!  We haven't ironed out all the details just yet, so stay tuned for some exciting news coming up!

Pray that we will not be prideful.  Pray that God will use us mightily for His Glory.  Pray that this project will be successful in providing for orphans and widows!

September 08, 2011

We Are Not Starving. Are We Helping?

Not long ago, my husband and I went to this beautiful lake and camped on an island (where I took this picture).  It is beautiful.  Surrounded by crisp, clear water that one can see all the way down.  As we canoed to the island, I got a feeling of "heights-dizziness" because I could see very deep - just below me.  It was so clear that it made me a little uncomfortable.

Across the globe, hundreds of thousands of fellow human beings are starving to death, thirsting to death.  We can all help by going to and donate through World Vision (or any number of other wonderful charities who are helping).

Because, really, we could go without to save a life.

April 03, 2011

One:27 Coffee

Just an FYI: We just ordered 2 lbs of whole bean coffee from the Kopps and it is just fabulous!  It is so tasty and rich and dark and smooth and delicious and it helped orphan care!  Could it be any better?!  Check out their page and order some really delicious coffee while you help orphans!

March 11, 2011

Purchase for a Purpose!

We are still trying to raise money for the Schilling Family and Drawn From Water!  Every one of the pieces below will contribute to each of these worthy people.  Please help us and purchase for a purpose!  These would make fabulous Easter gifts, as well as Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts coming up!  
This natural finish with a dot over Ethiopia is $25 (plus shipping)

These are some of the $25 crosses (plus shipping) that you can purchase to help the Schilling family bring their babies home as well as the orphans!

The size of these pieces are perfect for gifts!  They ship in flat rate boxes, so costs are minimal (if you purchase more than one, we will combine as much as possible!).  These heat finished Africa's are $30, plus shipping.
Help us help the Schillings!  Order on this blog or our email: pmteak(at)gmail(dot)com!  OR Contact Bonnie Schilling at info2(at)  Check out her website to find more ways to help their family bring their children home.

How to order:  post a comment or email
How to pay:  Send a check to Bonnie Schilling (ask for her address via her email address!)

February 28, 2011

March Blitz for Schillings!

Bonnie and Charlie Schilling are adoptive parents who are looking to give a home to two more!  Through the month of March, we will be raising money for the Schillings to bring their new family members home, as well as raising money for Drawn From Water!  The profits will be split evenly, so please help this family and at the same time the orphans without a new family.

To purchase a cross or Africa (see above tabs for pieces), you MUST order via email (pmteak(at)gmail(dot)com) or leave a comment HERE!  All checks must be made out to Bonnie or Charlie Schilling and sent directly to them.  If you need that information, please email or comment and we will get that to you.

For more ways to help the Schillings, check out their adoption blog or Wild Prairie Farms site and see the many ways you can support this family's adoptions!