July 14, 2010

More Crosses!

In a blast of creativity and time, Pat and I made up some new designs for the small $15.00 crosses ($5 shipping).  The above cross is the Border Cross, and below is the Nugget Cross.

The above cross is an Inside Border Cross, and below is Pat's favorite, the 3-D Cross!  All crosses have a hanger on the back.  

Reminder:  All pieces are handmade and unique.  Color and features may vary slightly.

Countries and Continents

Based on the name of our venture, the continent of Africa weighs heavy on our hearts.  We have "small" Africa's with a raised heart in any country desired for $65.00 as well as "large" Africa's with the option of the raised heart or a cut-out heart over the country of choice for $100.00.  The small Africa fits into a flat rate box for a minimal shipping cost of $11.  The large size has yet to be mailed and the shipping is unknown at this time.
The size difference is below.
We've also done a silhouette of North America with a raised heart over the state of choice.
These both are the $65.00 size that fit into the $11 flat rate box.

Africa is not the only place we hold dear.  China will also be special to us and we have done a "small" $65.00 size of China with a raised heart.  This also fits in a $11 flat rate box, and the heart can be placed where desired.

Reminder:  All pieces are handmade and unique.  Color and features will vary in each piece.

July 10, 2010

First Crosses

These are the first set of crosses that we made last fall.  As each cross is individually made, they all differ from one another, but you have the idea!

Textured Cross: 5"x8" 
$15.00 plus shipping (flat rate $5)

Heat Finished Cross: 5"x8"
$25.00 plus shipping (flat rate $5)

We like to keep sizes consistent with flat rate box/envelope sizes.  We'd like more of your money to go to the children than to the postal service!