February 28, 2011

March Blitz for Schillings!

Bonnie and Charlie Schilling are adoptive parents who are looking to give a home to two more!  Through the month of March, we will be raising money for the Schillings to bring their new family members home, as well as raising money for Drawn From Water!  The profits will be split evenly, so please help this family and at the same time the orphans without a new family.

To purchase a cross or Africa (see above tabs for pieces), you MUST order via email (pmteak(at)gmail(dot)com) or leave a comment HERE!  All checks must be made out to Bonnie or Charlie Schilling and sent directly to them.  If you need that information, please email or comment and we will get that to you.

For more ways to help the Schillings, check out their adoption blog or Wild Prairie Farms site and see the many ways you can support this family's adoptions!