November 14, 2011

BringLove.In and Alaska to Africa Project!

 We are so honored to be asked to help with Bring Love In!  This is an organization that has come out of difficult circumstances to a new mission that brings widows and orphans together to form new "families."  We love the application of James in this mission and we have been personal supporters for a while.  They have asked if we would be willing to provide items for their store!  Of course we said, "Yes!"  You can soon go to their website and find 2 different types of Africa's for sale to benefit this awesome mission.  (If it's not there, keep looking!)
 Here are a few samples of what will be offered!  They are both "small" Africa's; about 7" tall.  One is made to hang, and the other has a stand.  Check them out on BringLove.In's store and help us help them help orphans and widows!!