December 02, 2010

Standing Africa

Yes!  We have new pieces!  These are gorgeous small Africa's on a stand; perfect for a mantle, shelf, or desk.  They are approximately 6" tall and 5" wide.  Even with the stand they should ship individually for $5 in the flat rate boxes.  

 This Standing Africa has a stainless steel dot over Ethiopia.  This can be done on any location!
 There are different colors of finishes as well as patterns, as you can see here!  
A bit of perspective here!
These Standing Africa's are $30.
We hope to have a shipment to Wichita, KS soon, so if you live nearby you can avoid the shipping!

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  1. Oh, I want! :) Can I enter your drawing? :) Just kidding. I'll let someone else win! Can't wait for more to see these treasures in order to support God's treasures across the world!


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