July 14, 2010

Countries and Continents

Based on the name of our venture, the continent of Africa weighs heavy on our hearts.  We have "small" Africa's with a raised heart in any country desired for $65.00 as well as "large" Africa's with the option of the raised heart or a cut-out heart over the country of choice for $100.00.  The small Africa fits into a flat rate box for a minimal shipping cost of $11.  The large size has yet to be mailed and the shipping is unknown at this time.
The size difference is below.
We've also done a silhouette of North America with a raised heart over the state of choice.
These both are the $65.00 size that fit into the $11 flat rate box.

Africa is not the only place we hold dear.  China will also be special to us and we have done a "small" $65.00 size of China with a raised heart.  This also fits in a $11 flat rate box, and the heart can be placed where desired.

Reminder:  All pieces are handmade and unique.  Color and features will vary in each piece.

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