November 29, 2010

Craft Show Success!

 Here I am, trying to sit prettily while our display was in full force!  We sold the small Africa's almost instantly, so we were disappointed we didn't make more!  We learned that there were many people in our area who had special connections to this beautiful continent!
 Our display had many varieties of crosses that we hadn't put up on the blog.  Some we may not duplicate, but others we have had good responses, so we'll try to add more options!
 We had a rust-textured finished that turned out really great and we did a few more silver.  We tried different patterns on the heated finish, but the blue/purple finishes were the most favored.
Pat also worked on a different pattern for the small Africa's.  I think they turned out gorgeous!  Because we didn't add a heart, Pat discounted them a bit for the show!  I think he could've left the price alone, but it's really about raising money for others!

Speaking of...we raised over $1,500 at the show!  We are excited about sending all of it to Drawn From Water!  Thank you all who have helped us accomplish this fun gift, and please feel free to continue to order!  We'll hold off sending the funds until we leave for our Christmas vacation!  We'd love to add to that gift and you can still purchase a purposeful gift this Christmas.