March 11, 2011

Purchase for a Purpose!

We are still trying to raise money for the Schilling Family and Drawn From Water!  Every one of the pieces below will contribute to each of these worthy people.  Please help us and purchase for a purpose!  These would make fabulous Easter gifts, as well as Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts coming up!  
This natural finish with a dot over Ethiopia is $25 (plus shipping)

These are some of the $25 crosses (plus shipping) that you can purchase to help the Schilling family bring their babies home as well as the orphans!

The size of these pieces are perfect for gifts!  They ship in flat rate boxes, so costs are minimal (if you purchase more than one, we will combine as much as possible!).  These heat finished Africa's are $30, plus shipping.
Help us help the Schillings!  Order on this blog or our email: pmteak(at)gmail(dot)com!  OR Contact Bonnie Schilling at info2(at)  Check out her website to find more ways to help their family bring their children home.

How to order:  post a comment or email
How to pay:  Send a check to Bonnie Schilling (ask for her address via her email address!)