June 04, 2012


When we first started this Alaska to Africa Project, we hoped to help my sister raise funds for her adoption.  Because it was so much fun to help others, we wanted a way to continue this effort, and it went pretty well!  At this time, we have had the opportunity to help many in various ways, and we are thankful to you all for helping us help others.

Right now we are prayerfully contemplating a change in our lives that would likely result in the end of this particular project.  This is not a bad thing, as the change would require us to move from Alaska to Africa ourselves!  Ironic?  No, just a God-thing!  We are still not positive of this move, so if you feel compelled, please lift us up in prayer and ask for confirmation if the culmination of this project is indeed for us to move from Alaska to Africa!


  1. We thought about heading to Africa but ended up in the Alaskan Bush. It's funny how things work out! Praying :)


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